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August 21, 2013

if you want an unbelievable body you sho

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if you want an unbelievable body you should get this

August 20, 2013

this is the quickest way to get fit: htt

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this is the quickest way to get fit:

August 19, 2013

you should try some of this fruit too ht

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you should try some of this fruit too

you should try this diet out

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you should try this diet out

August 14, 2013

you should see what i got

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you should see what i got

August 6, 2013


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The recurring theme seems to be ‘i dont know what im gonna write about’. Today I didn’t feel panicked or rushed to post even though this is the 11th hour, literally.  I just came in from being treated to dinner at a beautiful Indian Restaurant.  We laughed, ate, laughed, chatted and laughed some more.  There is nothing, NO THING like the sisterhood. 

So, I get home and its time to catch up on today’s meditation.  Ive never meditated. I can’t keep my mind from wandering. But hell, I’ll try it.  Why not. 

Surprisingly enough, I did it.  Don’t get me wrong, my mind did its normal wandering but I was able to bring myself back to a focal point every time.    It was quite interesting.  I could feel my heart beating and I was actually feeling a bit of anxiety because I didn’t know what to expect.  And my mind was pulling up some crazy thoughts and every time it wandered my hands would feel this sort of tingling feeling until I came back to a state of peace.  It was the weirdest thing.

I like the feeling of peacefulness though and I believe this is an exercise I will incorporate into my daily routine. 

Just call me Tina Turner!!! Lol

Night all!

Hugs and Love

August 5, 2013

September 25th

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As you all should know by now, my sisters and I celebrate our  birthdays as if they are National Holidays, which they really are.  Don’t be mistaken.  This year surprisingly enough I have ZERO plans.  Zilch. Nada. None!!! So unlike me. 

I guess with all the living of life that has been going on, I haven’t really been able to plan.  The only thing concrete is that I want to spend my birthday with people I love and appreciate. This isn’t a numerical milestone year for me but a milestone nonetheless. So much has happened since 2012. I think we should celebrate, don’t you?!?!? I just need a reason for a party anyway truth be told. 

So, I’m open for invitations and suggestions and love offerings. I would wanna hang out with me if I were you too….. Tehehehehehhe

Hugs and Love

Something is going on

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OK, I will be posting twice today because I missed yesterday.  I had it in my mind to post but just didn’t do it.  Actually I just didn’t do anything yesterday.  Its really quite depressing.  I mean I know that I’m always on the go and its soothing to have some Me time but I don’t feel soothed.

There is so much that could’ve been done but I just pissed the days away.  And as I look around my bedroom I wonder WTH is wrong??????  Am I depressed?? Sad?? Withdrawn?? Or just tired.  I don’t have the answers. And I don’t think I really want the answer unless its tired. Because If I’m just tired, there is an easy cure for that.  All those other possible answers require some work. Work that I’m not sure I am ready to put in.  Hence the feeling in the first place. 
The revolving cycle……..

Hugs and Love

August 3, 2013

Back to Basics

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I had no clue what I would write about today until after my conversation w/Bubba.  I was telling him all these grandiose ideas I had and how much it would cost and asking him if he could support.  Yada yada yada…… Of course he offered his support as he always does but then he said something so profound yet so damn simple.  He said, “I can front you the money for a fish fry”.  WERD!!!!! See, I spent most of my free time today gathering info on kickstarter and go fund me because I gotta raise some money and quick to set some things in motion.  Well he put it all in perspective in a matter of seconds. The nerve!!! Lol

For those that don’t know, you gonna learn today!!!!! Hahahahaha. Just joking.  But for real, one thing ole girl can do is fry up some fish!! Surprisingly enough the thought never crossed my mind.  I guess that part of me kinda died out when the bff and Fluxy fled to the West Coast.  Fled is funny as HELL!!!!!!! I really do crack myself up.

I gotta address this issue of not wanting to take charge or be in the forefront because I’m sure there is some event in my past that has caused this blockage. Too far above my pay grade to deal with right now…..

Anywho, mark your calendars good people because Kish is gonna be slinging some flour come August 30th.  If you’ve never had fish fried by yours truly, you should definitely plan on treating yourself. It ain’t Bro David’s but I promise you, you don’t be disappointed.

Is the rebirth of ‘Bean Pie Meets Fish Fry’ on the horizon?????? Ha!!! We shall see……

Two key take away points of this post for me: 1 – Don’t be afraid to call on your support system when you need help. And 2 – Going back to the basics is always better than reinventing the wheel.

Thanks for reading.

Hugs and Love

August 2, 2013

36 Things you probably don’t know about me

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I’ve embarked upon this #31WriteNow challenge so for the entire month of August I will be posting at least 1 blog post daily.  Initially I wasn’t going to participate because this blog is about to undergo a HUGE facelift.  But then I thought, what better way to reintroduce myself…..

So here goes………….

1. I’m shy.  Like the real kind. I put on a good face in social atmospheres but honestly, I’m very shy.
2. I wanted to be a lawyer when I was growing up. 
3. I can’t remember myself weighing less than 175 pounds. I draw a blank. No recollection at all.
4. When I was younger, around 13 or so I would always lie about my age because all my friends were older than me. I gave myself an extra year or two depending on who wanted to know.
5. I never fantasized about my dream wedding. 
6. I always wanted 2 children, a boy and a girl, twins so I could go thru labor once and be done.
7. I’m terribly afraid of heights. And snakes. And mice.
8. I love going grocery shopping.  Its very relaxing to me.
9. I’m a very picky eater. I m fat by default not because of the foods I eat. Lol
10. I cry at everything – weddings, funerals, plays, concerts, bbqs, parties, lunch, dinner, walks in the park,
etc.  I’m a softy.
11. I killed a man. LOL. JUST KIDDING. Had to make sure you were still paying attention.
11. I can sew.
12. I didn’t get my Drivers License until I was 25.
13. I’m very good at remembering important dates.
14. I have a photogenic memory.
15. I wear a tank, beater or Cami everyday, no matter how hot.
16. I don’t have a television.
17. I only wear lotion in the summer. On the visible body parts.
18. I can’t parallel park on the left side. I can barely do it on the right.
19. I hate dressing up. 
20. I’ve always wished I could sing.
21. I never forget a face.
22. I never sleep in my bed. I sleep on top the sheets wrapped in either a blanket or a throw.
23. I hate cleaning.
24. I’ve never called my mother mom, a always called her by her name.
25. I always thought I had a fatty but recently found out it is a flatty.  Lol
26. I don’t like fruit salad.
27. I love purses but will rock a book bag or tote in a heartbeat.
28. I listen to 95.9 regularly.
29. If I never had to talk on the phone I wouldn’t. 
30. I don’t like chicken and waffles. I like chicken. And I like waffles.  Separately.
31. I can sleep thru anything.
32. I love to cook.
33. I lose interest quickly.
34. I can find humor in just about anything.
35. I don’t like hot cereal, oatmeal or cream of wheat.
36. I only eat the skin off fried chicken. I don’t eat the meat.

WHEW!!!! That was more difficult than I imagined.  Anywho, I’m glad to offer this tiny glimpse of me and I hope you learned something you didn’t know.  Until tomorrow………

By the way, I chose the number 36 because of my age.

Hugs and Love

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