Naturally Kish

August 7, 2011

Today’s The DAY!!!!!

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As you all get to know me, u will come to learn that I’m a Jill Scott STAN!!!!!! Well, 2day her concert hits DC and of course I’m in the building!!! I am however faced w/ the dilemma flats or wedges?? Skirt, dress or capris??? Only thing etched in stone is my hair!!!! I have nurtured and moisturized and protected these twist since tuesday because I’m determined to get me a fierce frohawk. Even if the frohawk doesn’t work out I know that the twist out will give me enough options that I won’t have to worry about hair. I can’t wait til its time to get all dolled up, even if its in sneakers (I opt for what’s most comfortable). Ok, I’m off to prep my meatloaf for the fam and then get ready for service. Toodles!!!

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