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August 9, 2011

What an Experience!!!!!! (post 1 of 2)

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Yesterday was the Jill Scott concert!!!! I must share my experience with the world!! lol  Let me just say, this was THEE BEST concert i’ve ever gone to and i’ve gone to a plenty.  First off I was working off about 3.5 hours of sleep so I thought I would be dragging and drained.  So not the case!! Went to the Mosque and got my spiritual teaching on, then came home, popped my already prepped turkey meatloaf  in the oven for the fam and then tackled the arduous task of finding something to wear.  Oh let me go back a lil, got home from service at 3:30 and was supposed to meet my sista across town at 5 AND I had to cook, do hair and find something to wear.  SMH.  Anywho, found something comfy that I could actually fit pretty quickly.

Next step, the infamous frohawk….I mentioned in an earlier post that i was holding on to my twists so my frohawk would have some form.  BAD IDEA!!! Why didnt some1 tell me that stretched hair of my length doesnt look all that cute in a frohawk???? lol  I mean I pulled it off but it wasnt the look I was going for. 

Was out of the house at 4:30 just as I had planned.  #CharlieSheenWinning!!! lol  Got to my sista’s house at 5:00 on the dot!! Still winning!! We hit the highway on our way to DC.  Traffic was a lil backed up but that was b/c we had a brief summer shower and there were a couple accidents. Im convinced people drive their worst in the rain.  Moving on, we get to DC, park in the garage connected to the Verizon Ctr, get off the elevator and the entrance was EXACTLY where our seats were.  See a pattern yet??? It’s like all the stars were aligned in our favor.

Get to our seats, well what we thought were our seats. The arena lady told us the wrong place to sit.  But we realized it before the show started so we were comfortably nestled in OUR seats before curtains went up!!  And the show started at 7:03  No CP time for DC!!! Uber impressed!!!

First up was DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mad Skillz. They got the ‘block party’ started!!! The first act was Mint Condition!! Stokely and the boys put on a good show as usual.  A great opener!!! After their set, Jazzy Jeff came back out but this time he was with the show stopper Mr Doug E Fresh, who seems to have discovered the fountain of youth.  I swear this man looks the same as he did in 85 when The Show came out.  They got the crowd pumped!!! The only this missing was the soul train line and the electric slide. lol

Next was Mr Anthony Hamilton!! He always puts on a good show and did not disappoint last night.  He did a rendition of Jesus Gonna Work it Out that had everybody on their feet!!! Nothing like a good ol’ gospel song to get folks going. lol  He did the dang thing!!!

More block party followed, but I bee-lined to the concession stand to break my fast.  Got me a satisfying funnel cake and a $4.oo water O_o Such a bad idea but the options were slim and I did not want to chance missing Jill come out. (continued)

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