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August 20, 2011

HE Never lied….

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This post is one of praise, shame and fulfillment all rolled into one. 

Here goes…..

Maybe about 6 years ago, I got this great idea to bake what’s affectionately called “snacks” in my house (lol) because I was tired of giving Tastykake and Hostess and whomever our hard-earned money.  So Bubba found a recipe online for the Muslim Navy Bean Pie.  I’ve been a member of the NOI for quite some time but the concept of beans in a pie I simply could not grasp.  Up to that point I’ve probably only had one pie (from Chicago) that I could stomach.  But as the good wife that I am (wink) I said sure, I’ll try it.  Well lo and behold, that pie was banging, not to toot my own horn. I mean it really tasted good, the consistency was creamy and the color was golden brown. Of course I just HAD to share with everyone.  People immediately started places orders. Im trying to pump the brakes because it was NEVER my intention to be a baker, let alone do it for profit.  As we all know or will come to learn, our intentions mean nothing when they aren’t in line with GOD. 

So, as time went on this pie this was garnering  HUGE SUCCESS!! My pies were being sold on the streets of Baltimore.  Who would’ve ever thunk it??? Certainly not I. 

Okay, lets fast forward.  I went on vacation or to a retreat or something and left instructions for my son to fill the orders while I was gone.  I mean, he was the baker of the family (at the time), not me.  Well, my blender decides at the same time that it wanted to die but not let any of us know.  So my son made up the mix but unknowingly some of the beans didn’t blend and went into the pies WHOLE (insert gasp)!! Not a good look!! Food is a very funny business, all it takes is one slip up to lose a customer.  Well that was my one time.  Not that I was bitter or even upset , I was more ashamed because you never want to have your name associated with a “hot mess”.  That was the beginning of the end of my baking….or so I thought.

Every event we had that had a pie there, I would get “is that your pie? or is that a Kisha pie”?  NO!! I’m retired!! would be my response. See, I had began to experience this thing called life.  Baking was the last thing on my mind.  I couldn’t sit still long enough to eat a meal, let alone bake some pies.  That was a real gray time in my life but I’m thankful for it. Lots of life’s lessons learned!

Fast forward again to present day.  Just about every year, there’s this fabulous retreat for the younger women in the Nation.  This year I said I would attend as it would be my last AND im always down for a vacation (DJM).  I’m not a spring chicken anymore. thehehehe  Anyway, this retreat is taking place the week before the birthday extravaganza that is VEGAS.  Now just in case you weren’t aware, it’s a recession, yet I’ve planned two trips a week apart. And no I do not have a sponsor as Bubba is NOT having it. He’s not one for ‘unnecessary’ spending.  lol So where will this money come from for this retreat??? There have been some fundraisers in the city but not nearly enough money to cover us all.  So again I ask, where will this money come from for this retreat???  It hit me like a ton of bricks….PIES!!!! Did you see the lightbulb go off??? lol 

We are given the resources we need if we just call on HIM for guidance.  Not even 5 minutes after I posted that I was baking again, I had orders for 4 pies.  Isn’t HE awesome??!?!?!?!? Yes HE is!!! Awesome and right on time!!

I have yet another testimony that I will post separately as this one is already over 600 words.  Thanks for allowing me to share my life with u.  TOODLES!!!

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