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September 29, 2011

VEGAS BABY!!!!! Day 3

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Oh, this was the most exciting of them all!!!!!!!

Of course, i was up at the crack of dawn.  Didnt wake any1 else this time though. lol We had reservations to the Top of the World restaurant for 1pm.  So we lounged around and shot the breeze til time to go.  Oh yeah, Tray braided my hair up into a mohawk which was fierce, when it came out.  At first I was pissed.  I had a damn sundial swirl on the side of my head thanks to her creative braid pattern.  smh  I kept saying, and will continue to say I looked like Felix the Cat.  rofl. 

Ok, we get dressed, hop a cab and get to the Stratosphere.  It was awesome.  Ok, they have two thrill seeker things to do there, you can bungy off the 100something floor or you can ride this spinning ride thats suspended in air off the 100something floor.  No thank you!! We just wanted to eat.  Well an extra bonus was that the restaurant is constantly moving in a circular motion.  How cool is that???? I couldnt imagine some1 tipsy going there and not geeking all the way out. lol  Food was so fresh and clean and the view was gorgeous.  And being with 3 of my favorite ppl only added extra bliss. 

Ok, done eating, now we gotta get back to tix4tonight b/c they are gonna see a Cirque show while we go to the fight.  Boom, got tix.  Somehow we wound up w/ tix for CSI as well.  So NOT in the social directors plans but what can you do????? Now, we get back and time is steadily drifting away. 

Tray fluffs out the fabulousness that became my mohawk, bye bye Felix; Me and V get dressed, looking mighty haute if I must say so myself, and we’re off to see the fight on closed circuit….or so I thought.

We get to MGM, walk for what seems like 4ever to get to the room where the screens are set up.  When we get there, its a guy saying ‘this guy is taking your closed circuit tix and trading them for tix to the actual arena to see the fight live’ GET OUTTA HERE!!!! At first im skeptical b/c you know how con artisty Vegas can be.  I asked the man 50 questions before finally doing it.  We get tix to sec 20.  Not 120 or 220 but 20. One section above floor seats.  Are you kidding me??? Where’s Ashton Kutcher??? Im sure we’re being punked.  lol  Ok, now we have to walk all the way back to the other side of the bldg to get into the arena.  We get there and the lady scans our tix and we are IN THE FRIGGIN MGM ARENA ABOUT TO SEE A PROFESSIONAL BOXING MATCH!!!!! Of course im almost in tears at this point.  Cue the asthma pump b/c my breathing was becoming shallow.  DJM

Finally we get to our seats and are in awe at just now good the seats were.  What an awesome experience.  Initially when we planned the trip, the fight wasnt even scheduled but when I found out about the fight I was trying to find a way that we could be there w/out spending 50 million dollars on stubhub.  It didnt happen, so I settled for closed circuit which still wouldve been a great experience i think.  Guess i’ll never know.  tehehehehehe 

So I can say I was there when Floyd two-pieced Ortiz!!!  I saw it LIVE!!!

The PICAR’s had a not so good experience with the Cirque show.  I probably shouldve waited til we got back to the hotel to tell them that we got in.  See Reah wanted to see the fight, but not on closed circuit so she opted out.  AWWWWWW, Poor Reah.  Her night went downhill from the receipt of my text.  SAWRRY, SAWRRY, SAWRRY!! LOL

Well, after the fight, we decide we are gonna go to Kevin Hart’s party since it was in our hotel and of course we had free passes.  Well V dozed off, actually she fell asleep and I nodded for a few waiting for Tray to get back.  They get back, me and Tray go downstairs to the party.  The line is about a mile long just to get in.  Now we had already been to the spot the night before so we knew how small it was and KNEW all those ppl weren’t gonna get in.  I decide to go to the head of the line to ask if we could get in since we had passes.  Bouncer dude told me they were already filled to capacity and all those ppl in the line were not gonna get in.  smh.  They just let ppl stand there looking crazy.  Anywho, we left and went to another spot we had passes for and actually had a great time!!! The music was on point and it wasnt overly crowded.  Too bad it was like a hookah bar and ppl were smoking cigars.  Only downfall. Oh yeah, and the fact that Tray almost got molested and I almost whupped a chic.  Alcohol and white ppl really, truly dont mix.

So that was our Saturday in a nutshell.  I’m pleased….

Day 4……Stay tuned


Vegas Baby!!!!! Day 2

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There’s something about an internal clock that is both a gift and a curse. lol  I was the ‘social director’ for this trip so I had to plan the activities so we could get in as much as we could in a small amount of time. 

So, I woke up everybody at around 8am, which was 11am MD time.  Reah was HAUTE!!!!!! She was such an ugly ole soul.  But i didnt care, we had places to go and ppl to see….

First stop, WALGREENS. LOL Oh what fun.  You wouldve thought we were in Walmart, the amount of time we spent in that place.  smh.  But I digress…. After leaving Walgreens we encountered ‘Cotton Candy’ and all his strip croonies.  Let the people watching begin…. Cotton Candy was a dude dressed in womens clothes and beating on his belly.  You had to see it…. There were others as well.  Obviously, ppl dress in costumes and will take pics w/ tourists for tips.  I guess its better then begging for change on a median strip.  Next stop, Tix4Tonight.  I love this place.  Initially we were gonna get all our tix in advance but after reading online, it was best to get them when arriving in Vegas.  AND its a good thing too b/c online lied to me.  They told me the Jabbawockees and Gladys Knight were not gonna be there for our w/e but in fact they were.  So, we get tix for the jabbawockees for me and V and Gladys for the PICAR’s. And of course a buffet pass.  YUP!! lol Then we go to the MGM Grand to get our closed circuit tix for the fight.  Yes we were in Vegas on fight w/e and there was NO WAY I was passing up a chance to see it, even if it was gonna be on closed circuit tv……or so I thought. 

While the 3 of us went out, V stayed back and supervised the cleaning crew on the various stains, dust, crap, vomit, shells, and other unmentionables we found in our room.  EWWWWWWWWWWW, i wanna vomit after typing that.  When they got done, we had some credit applied to the room and a food voucher.  Yeah Buddy!!!! lol 

Ok, we get back, chill out and then get ready to go to dinner and then our respective shows.  Dinner was at the Monte Carlo buffet, which was listed as one of the top 12.  I think they were the worst of the places we went to eat.  Just my opinion.  The food was just ok. 

After that, we split up to see our shows.  Jabbawockees show was nice.  Started on time, actually started a lil early.  I like that.  They enjoyed Gladys too.  We were a lil worried that we would have to use our trip money to bail Reah out of jail for jumping on stage and snatching the mic from Gladys.  smh but oh so serious.

Ok, after fighting to get back to our hotel, getting wrist bands put on our arms, getting handed cards to see some sweaty mens and V giving the cards out to other ppl, we get back to the hotel.  We were on the VIP list to some club so we were just waiting for them to get back so we can go.  Well while waiting, age and timezone change must’ve kicked in b/c by the time they got back i was toast!! I didnt wanna go anywhere.  But after Tracy damn near had a tantrum, we decided to check out one of the clubs in our hotel since they said they would be playing 90’s hip hop.  LYING BASTARDS!!! Anywho, we went, danced as much as we could, seeing how the dj sucked horribly.  Im sure we spent more time laughing at the sites on the floor then actually dancing.  But hey, we were together so that was enough for me…..

Finally, we left after we had to dang near drag Tray out by her peach fuzz she calls hair.  Happy Feet just doesnt know when to throw in the towel. lol

Day 3…..Stay tuned

September 28, 2011

VEGAS BABY!!!!!!!! (day 1)

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I’ve attempted to get my thoughts together quite a few times but each time I got teary-eyed. Im a sap sucka, sue me. lol

This year for my 35th birthday, and Vonnie’s 40th, we had this hair-brain idea to go to Vegas.  For the past couple years, we’ve been celebrating our birthdays together or planning things to do that’s inclusive yet exclusive if you know what I mean.  My bffs and I are an experience, either you love us or hate us….it is what it is. Somewhere along the way we lost a member (we miss u KoKo) and gained another, but this other doesnt have her birthday til June or July sometime.  How’d she get this number??? LOL.  Just kidding, we love Tray Tray!!!   Oh yeah, all of our birthdays are between Sept 25 and Oct 26.  Again, how’d she get this number with her single digit month self.  lol  Ok, im done.

Now that i’ve given you the backdrop lemme move on to ALL THINGS VEGAS!!!! We planned the trip, paid for it, and counted the days until we would be Vegas bound.  When it finally got here, it was still pretty unbelievable, for me at least.  See, if you dont know, im poor (financially).  Its a recession for gods sake.  Yet we plan to go to Vegas and keep up w/ other responsibilities.  Well, GOD blessed us to take care of our responsibilities and get to Vegas.

So, me and V get to the airport almost 4 hours before our flight was supposed to leave (dont judge us, we’re  extra prepared). lol  The others , the PICAR’s (we were on different flights but would arrive at roughly the same time….or so we thought) get there about 20 minutes before their flight left.  Rebels!! lol  Anyway, we take our departing photos and then separate to meet again in VEGAS BABY!!! They board, take off and we find out that we are on a delay.  Ok, just a lil hiccup, its all good.  We finally board, take off and land in Pittsburgh (layover).  Everything is cool, that is until they say “we are overweight and have to take some fuel off the plane” WTF!!!! Fuel?? Really??? Do you not know that we have a 4 hour flight and may very well need that fuel????  Ok, we dont panic but we are restless as hell b/c we have been sitting forever.  Ok, by GODS grace, we finally take off and land in Vegas!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!

Oh yeah, did I mention we were staying at the Mandalay Bay?? Oh, left that out?? Oh yeah, the friggin Mandalay Bay!!! Can you say GORGEOUS!!??!?!?! I can, that place was awesome…looking.  We check in, get to our floor and I say to V, suppose thats our room at the end of the hall.  Guess what, it was!! Suite was friggin awesome, as was the view.  Well, that’s until we began to look around and noticed that the room was filthy.  GARCON!!!! Lemme just say, that was one uncomfortable night of sleep.  But before we get to sleep, food was a must.  It was hella late though, as though it may be Vegas it was still a Thursday night and a lot of places were closed.  So we take a cab to this casino that had all u can eat pancakes.  The cab man got us, we mustve really looked like tourists.  Thats ok, you live and you learn.  When we finally got food, which was an experience in itself, it was delish!! Well worth the wait and the hassle.

Back to the hotel and nighty, night.   Stay tuned…..


Chicago-In the Summer

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It matters, trust me. lol If you’ve ever been to Chicago in the dead of winter then you know what i’m talking about.

If you’ve been following my blog then you should know by now that i’m Muslim.  If you didn’t know, SURPRISE!!!! LOL  Well, the impromptu bus trip to Chicago was for an all girls/women retreat.  The significance of the retreat this year for me was that it would probably be my last, in the capacity of participant.  It was a struggle to get there but as we all know, with difficulty comes ease.

So, we get to DC which is where the bus left from, and all i see is a bunch of juniors (girls 18 and under).  I was a little discouraged by that.  All the folks that were at the previous retreats ive attended had aged out and moved on to different roles.  Thanks to my mom for always being the youngest of my friends. lol

Ok, lets fastforward….we get to Chicago (well the suburbs) and i notice that our hotel is familiar.  We stayed there once before and across the street from the hotel is this mall where I received the absolute best pedicure ive ever received in my life!!! Borderline molestation, seriously. lol  And I was staying in a room with adults, one of which is my shero so I was pumped.

Ok, w/out giving too much information i’ll just say the weekend was filled with workouts, obstacle courses, workshops, a special invite to our Nations farm, a banquet and the culmination was to hear from Minister Farrakhan on that Saturday and Sunday.

i was happy to be a part of the retreat and was more happy to share this experience with the girls that once changed my life.

I’ll be more than honored to attend for years to come to chaperone/assist/do whatever needs to be done to know that the souls of those babies in attendance are souls that dont belong to this wicked world!!



GOC-Fallen to the wayside

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So the reason, or one of the reasons for starting this blog was to track my progress on Shelli”s ( grow out challenge.  Starting off kinda strong but now I dont even know what the hale I committed to.  I need a refresher. lol

No seriously, I have no clue what im supposed to be doing.  So sad.  I know.  lol  Ummm, I did clip my ends before my road trip to Chicago (which will be covered in another post).  That was the first time i’ve ever clipped my own ends.  I dont know if I cut enough off but I was happy to see that after clipping them, my twists didnt come out which is what I was afraid of.  In Chicago I wore my twists just pincurled and under a cap/headpiece most of the weekend.  It was protected but I didnt moisturize it much as I didnt want to stain my caps/headpieces.

After coming home I did a wash and go the night before I left for Vegas which was two days after removing my protective, pincurled twists.  Wore that wng one day and then my sis gave me the most fantabulous mohawk a gurl could ever wish for (see pic). lol  I was a little salty at the prep style because I swore I looked like Felix the Cat.  I’ll attach that pic as well.  ROFLMAO!!! Im extra, I know.  Anyway, of course a mohawk isnt a protective style, well not fully because you have some of your hair out but I turned it into one.  Im now rocking what Bubba terms my Ledisi.  lol  I think I have a pic of this style as well.  I absolutely love these styles but i’m over the braids and im ready for a nice, fab twist out or wng.  Probably by the weekend or early next week….who knows.

exercise: Whats that??? Does walking the Vegas strip count??? Cause that’s about all i’ve done.  And Im sure no amount of walking can reverse the effect of all the eating Ive done this past couple weeks….Lawd Have Mercy!!!! I’ve committed to starting Insanity Oct 1st or 2nd.  I’ll post my new beginning weight at that time.  Baby Jesus be a kind scale….lol

Ok, I think thats it for now.  I wont be a stranger anymore.  Toodles!!


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Ok its been so long that I forgot my username. smh  Anywho, IM BACK!!!!!  I dont even know where to begin… I think I’ll do separate blog entries to cover the abundance of topics going on in my head. Buckle up.  I’ll Be Back!!!!! lol

September 3, 2011

GOC One Month

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Has it really been one month?? I’ve certainly lost count. I think we started July 30th so that would make it one month. Let me start my saying my hair is FAB!! I’ve been doing semi-protective styles and moisturizing and sealing almost on the regular. Its funny b/c when I first signed up for the challenge my goal was more of fitness however I’ve done not a thing toward my fitness goals. Smh @ myself. This shall pass….I hope. I’ll weigh myself at my bff’s house on monday and report the horrible results.

Now about this hair, I now have a bantu knot out that I’ve rocked since tuesday. Not a protective style per se but one of low maintenance. I really like this style.

Too bad Idk how much my hair has grown. I know its grown somewhat b/c I have this honory (sp) piece of gray in the front and I just noticed it looks longer.

I’m going out of town next w/e and was thinking about doing some mini twists. But I also need to clip my ends and idk if my hair will stay twisted if its freshly clipped. Decisions Decision!!!

Well I think I’ve rambled enough for today, toodles!!

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