Naturally Kish

September 3, 2011

GOC One Month

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Has it really been one month?? I’ve certainly lost count. I think we started July 30th so that would make it one month. Let me start my saying my hair is FAB!! I’ve been doing semi-protective styles and moisturizing and sealing almost on the regular. Its funny b/c when I first signed up for the challenge my goal was more of fitness however I’ve done not a thing toward my fitness goals. Smh @ myself. This shall pass….I hope. I’ll weigh myself at my bff’s house on monday and report the horrible results.

Now about this hair, I now have a bantu knot out that I’ve rocked since tuesday. Not a protective style per se but one of low maintenance. I really like this style.

Too bad Idk how much my hair has grown. I know its grown somewhat b/c I have this honory (sp) piece of gray in the front and I just noticed it looks longer.

I’m going out of town next w/e and was thinking about doing some mini twists. But I also need to clip my ends and idk if my hair will stay twisted if its freshly clipped. Decisions Decision!!!

Well I think I’ve rambled enough for today, toodles!!

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