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September 28, 2011

Chicago-In the Summer

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It matters, trust me. lol If you’ve ever been to Chicago in the dead of winter then you know what i’m talking about.

If you’ve been following my blog then you should know by now that i’m Muslim.  If you didn’t know, SURPRISE!!!! LOL  Well, the impromptu bus trip to Chicago was for an all girls/women retreat.  The significance of the retreat this year for me was that it would probably be my last, in the capacity of participant.  It was a struggle to get there but as we all know, with difficulty comes ease.

So, we get to DC which is where the bus left from, and all i see is a bunch of juniors (girls 18 and under).  I was a little discouraged by that.  All the folks that were at the previous retreats ive attended had aged out and moved on to different roles.  Thanks to my mom for always being the youngest of my friends. lol

Ok, lets fastforward….we get to Chicago (well the suburbs) and i notice that our hotel is familiar.  We stayed there once before and across the street from the hotel is this mall where I received the absolute best pedicure ive ever received in my life!!! Borderline molestation, seriously. lol  And I was staying in a room with adults, one of which is my shero so I was pumped.

Ok, w/out giving too much information i’ll just say the weekend was filled with workouts, obstacle courses, workshops, a special invite to our Nations farm, a banquet and the culmination was to hear from Minister Farrakhan on that Saturday and Sunday.

i was happy to be a part of the retreat and was more happy to share this experience with the girls that once changed my life.

I’ll be more than honored to attend for years to come to chaperone/assist/do whatever needs to be done to know that the souls of those babies in attendance are souls that dont belong to this wicked world!!



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