Naturally Kish

September 28, 2011

GOC-Fallen to the wayside

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So the reason, or one of the reasons for starting this blog was to track my progress on Shelli”s ( grow out challenge.  Starting off kinda strong but now I dont even know what the hale I committed to.  I need a refresher. lol

No seriously, I have no clue what im supposed to be doing.  So sad.  I know.  lol  Ummm, I did clip my ends before my road trip to Chicago (which will be covered in another post).  That was the first time i’ve ever clipped my own ends.  I dont know if I cut enough off but I was happy to see that after clipping them, my twists didnt come out which is what I was afraid of.  In Chicago I wore my twists just pincurled and under a cap/headpiece most of the weekend.  It was protected but I didnt moisturize it much as I didnt want to stain my caps/headpieces.

After coming home I did a wash and go the night before I left for Vegas which was two days after removing my protective, pincurled twists.  Wore that wng one day and then my sis gave me the most fantabulous mohawk a gurl could ever wish for (see pic). lol  I was a little salty at the prep style because I swore I looked like Felix the Cat.  I’ll attach that pic as well.  ROFLMAO!!! Im extra, I know.  Anyway, of course a mohawk isnt a protective style, well not fully because you have some of your hair out but I turned it into one.  Im now rocking what Bubba terms my Ledisi.  lol  I think I have a pic of this style as well.  I absolutely love these styles but i’m over the braids and im ready for a nice, fab twist out or wng.  Probably by the weekend or early next week….who knows.

exercise: Whats that??? Does walking the Vegas strip count??? Cause that’s about all i’ve done.  And Im sure no amount of walking can reverse the effect of all the eating Ive done this past couple weeks….Lawd Have Mercy!!!! I’ve committed to starting Insanity Oct 1st or 2nd.  I’ll post my new beginning weight at that time.  Baby Jesus be a kind scale….lol

Ok, I think thats it for now.  I wont be a stranger anymore.  Toodles!!

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