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September 28, 2011

VEGAS BABY!!!!!!!! (day 1)

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I’ve attempted to get my thoughts together quite a few times but each time I got teary-eyed. Im a sap sucka, sue me. lol

This year for my 35th birthday, and Vonnie’s 40th, we had this hair-brain idea to go to Vegas.  For the past couple years, we’ve been celebrating our birthdays together or planning things to do that’s inclusive yet exclusive if you know what I mean.  My bffs and I are an experience, either you love us or hate us….it is what it is. Somewhere along the way we lost a member (we miss u KoKo) and gained another, but this other doesnt have her birthday til June or July sometime.  How’d she get this number??? LOL.  Just kidding, we love Tray Tray!!!   Oh yeah, all of our birthdays are between Sept 25 and Oct 26.  Again, how’d she get this number with her single digit month self.  lol  Ok, im done.

Now that i’ve given you the backdrop lemme move on to ALL THINGS VEGAS!!!! We planned the trip, paid for it, and counted the days until we would be Vegas bound.  When it finally got here, it was still pretty unbelievable, for me at least.  See, if you dont know, im poor (financially).  Its a recession for gods sake.  Yet we plan to go to Vegas and keep up w/ other responsibilities.  Well, GOD blessed us to take care of our responsibilities and get to Vegas.

So, me and V get to the airport almost 4 hours before our flight was supposed to leave (dont judge us, we’re  extra prepared). lol  The others , the PICAR’s (we were on different flights but would arrive at roughly the same time….or so we thought) get there about 20 minutes before their flight left.  Rebels!! lol  Anyway, we take our departing photos and then separate to meet again in VEGAS BABY!!! They board, take off and we find out that we are on a delay.  Ok, just a lil hiccup, its all good.  We finally board, take off and land in Pittsburgh (layover).  Everything is cool, that is until they say “we are overweight and have to take some fuel off the plane” WTF!!!! Fuel?? Really??? Do you not know that we have a 4 hour flight and may very well need that fuel????  Ok, we dont panic but we are restless as hell b/c we have been sitting forever.  Ok, by GODS grace, we finally take off and land in Vegas!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!

Oh yeah, did I mention we were staying at the Mandalay Bay?? Oh, left that out?? Oh yeah, the friggin Mandalay Bay!!! Can you say GORGEOUS!!??!?!?! I can, that place was awesome…looking.  We check in, get to our floor and I say to V, suppose thats our room at the end of the hall.  Guess what, it was!! Suite was friggin awesome, as was the view.  Well, that’s until we began to look around and noticed that the room was filthy.  GARCON!!!! Lemme just say, that was one uncomfortable night of sleep.  But before we get to sleep, food was a must.  It was hella late though, as though it may be Vegas it was still a Thursday night and a lot of places were closed.  So we take a cab to this casino that had all u can eat pancakes.  The cab man got us, we mustve really looked like tourists.  Thats ok, you live and you learn.  When we finally got food, which was an experience in itself, it was delish!! Well worth the wait and the hassle.

Back to the hotel and nighty, night.   Stay tuned…..


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