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September 29, 2011

Vegas Baby!!!!! Day 2

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There’s something about an internal clock that is both a gift and a curse. lol  I was the ‘social director’ for this trip so I had to plan the activities so we could get in as much as we could in a small amount of time. 

So, I woke up everybody at around 8am, which was 11am MD time.  Reah was HAUTE!!!!!! She was such an ugly ole soul.  But i didnt care, we had places to go and ppl to see….

First stop, WALGREENS. LOL Oh what fun.  You wouldve thought we were in Walmart, the amount of time we spent in that place.  smh.  But I digress…. After leaving Walgreens we encountered ‘Cotton Candy’ and all his strip croonies.  Let the people watching begin…. Cotton Candy was a dude dressed in womens clothes and beating on his belly.  You had to see it…. There were others as well.  Obviously, ppl dress in costumes and will take pics w/ tourists for tips.  I guess its better then begging for change on a median strip.  Next stop, Tix4Tonight.  I love this place.  Initially we were gonna get all our tix in advance but after reading online, it was best to get them when arriving in Vegas.  AND its a good thing too b/c online lied to me.  They told me the Jabbawockees and Gladys Knight were not gonna be there for our w/e but in fact they were.  So, we get tix for the jabbawockees for me and V and Gladys for the PICAR’s. And of course a buffet pass.  YUP!! lol Then we go to the MGM Grand to get our closed circuit tix for the fight.  Yes we were in Vegas on fight w/e and there was NO WAY I was passing up a chance to see it, even if it was gonna be on closed circuit tv……or so I thought. 

While the 3 of us went out, V stayed back and supervised the cleaning crew on the various stains, dust, crap, vomit, shells, and other unmentionables we found in our room.  EWWWWWWWWWWW, i wanna vomit after typing that.  When they got done, we had some credit applied to the room and a food voucher.  Yeah Buddy!!!! lol 

Ok, we get back, chill out and then get ready to go to dinner and then our respective shows.  Dinner was at the Monte Carlo buffet, which was listed as one of the top 12.  I think they were the worst of the places we went to eat.  Just my opinion.  The food was just ok. 

After that, we split up to see our shows.  Jabbawockees show was nice.  Started on time, actually started a lil early.  I like that.  They enjoyed Gladys too.  We were a lil worried that we would have to use our trip money to bail Reah out of jail for jumping on stage and snatching the mic from Gladys.  smh but oh so serious.

Ok, after fighting to get back to our hotel, getting wrist bands put on our arms, getting handed cards to see some sweaty mens and V giving the cards out to other ppl, we get back to the hotel.  We were on the VIP list to some club so we were just waiting for them to get back so we can go.  Well while waiting, age and timezone change must’ve kicked in b/c by the time they got back i was toast!! I didnt wanna go anywhere.  But after Tracy damn near had a tantrum, we decided to check out one of the clubs in our hotel since they said they would be playing 90’s hip hop.  LYING BASTARDS!!! Anywho, we went, danced as much as we could, seeing how the dj sucked horribly.  Im sure we spent more time laughing at the sites on the floor then actually dancing.  But hey, we were together so that was enough for me…..

Finally, we left after we had to dang near drag Tray out by her peach fuzz she calls hair.  Happy Feet just doesnt know when to throw in the towel. lol

Day 3…..Stay tuned

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