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September 29, 2011

VEGAS BABY!!!!! Day 3

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Oh, this was the most exciting of them all!!!!!!!

Of course, i was up at the crack of dawn.  Didnt wake any1 else this time though. lol We had reservations to the Top of the World restaurant for 1pm.  So we lounged around and shot the breeze til time to go.  Oh yeah, Tray braided my hair up into a mohawk which was fierce, when it came out.  At first I was pissed.  I had a damn sundial swirl on the side of my head thanks to her creative braid pattern.  smh  I kept saying, and will continue to say I looked like Felix the Cat.  rofl. 

Ok, we get dressed, hop a cab and get to the Stratosphere.  It was awesome.  Ok, they have two thrill seeker things to do there, you can bungy off the 100something floor or you can ride this spinning ride thats suspended in air off the 100something floor.  No thank you!! We just wanted to eat.  Well an extra bonus was that the restaurant is constantly moving in a circular motion.  How cool is that???? I couldnt imagine some1 tipsy going there and not geeking all the way out. lol  Food was so fresh and clean and the view was gorgeous.  And being with 3 of my favorite ppl only added extra bliss. 

Ok, done eating, now we gotta get back to tix4tonight b/c they are gonna see a Cirque show while we go to the fight.  Boom, got tix.  Somehow we wound up w/ tix for CSI as well.  So NOT in the social directors plans but what can you do????? Now, we get back and time is steadily drifting away. 

Tray fluffs out the fabulousness that became my mohawk, bye bye Felix; Me and V get dressed, looking mighty haute if I must say so myself, and we’re off to see the fight on closed circuit….or so I thought.

We get to MGM, walk for what seems like 4ever to get to the room where the screens are set up.  When we get there, its a guy saying ‘this guy is taking your closed circuit tix and trading them for tix to the actual arena to see the fight live’ GET OUTTA HERE!!!! At first im skeptical b/c you know how con artisty Vegas can be.  I asked the man 50 questions before finally doing it.  We get tix to sec 20.  Not 120 or 220 but 20. One section above floor seats.  Are you kidding me??? Where’s Ashton Kutcher??? Im sure we’re being punked.  lol  Ok, now we have to walk all the way back to the other side of the bldg to get into the arena.  We get there and the lady scans our tix and we are IN THE FRIGGIN MGM ARENA ABOUT TO SEE A PROFESSIONAL BOXING MATCH!!!!! Of course im almost in tears at this point.  Cue the asthma pump b/c my breathing was becoming shallow.  DJM

Finally we get to our seats and are in awe at just now good the seats were.  What an awesome experience.  Initially when we planned the trip, the fight wasnt even scheduled but when I found out about the fight I was trying to find a way that we could be there w/out spending 50 million dollars on stubhub.  It didnt happen, so I settled for closed circuit which still wouldve been a great experience i think.  Guess i’ll never know.  tehehehehehe 

So I can say I was there when Floyd two-pieced Ortiz!!!  I saw it LIVE!!!

The PICAR’s had a not so good experience with the Cirque show.  I probably shouldve waited til we got back to the hotel to tell them that we got in.  See Reah wanted to see the fight, but not on closed circuit so she opted out.  AWWWWWW, Poor Reah.  Her night went downhill from the receipt of my text.  SAWRRY, SAWRRY, SAWRRY!! LOL

Well, after the fight, we decide we are gonna go to Kevin Hart’s party since it was in our hotel and of course we had free passes.  Well V dozed off, actually she fell asleep and I nodded for a few waiting for Tray to get back.  They get back, me and Tray go downstairs to the party.  The line is about a mile long just to get in.  Now we had already been to the spot the night before so we knew how small it was and KNEW all those ppl weren’t gonna get in.  I decide to go to the head of the line to ask if we could get in since we had passes.  Bouncer dude told me they were already filled to capacity and all those ppl in the line were not gonna get in.  smh.  They just let ppl stand there looking crazy.  Anywho, we left and went to another spot we had passes for and actually had a great time!!! The music was on point and it wasnt overly crowded.  Too bad it was like a hookah bar and ppl were smoking cigars.  Only downfall. Oh yeah, and the fact that Tray almost got molested and I almost whupped a chic.  Alcohol and white ppl really, truly dont mix.

So that was our Saturday in a nutshell.  I’m pleased….

Day 4……Stay tuned

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