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October 26, 2011


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This past Sunday I participated in the Susan Komen Race for the Cure which raises money for Breast Cancer.  It was a 5k and individuals had the choice to walk or run.  Which one do you think I chose??? lol 

I arrive at the main stage finally (had to park far away) and I was almost in tears.  To see all the people in their pink, both male and female was a lil overwhelming for me.  Im a softee!!! lol  I walk around to the different vendors, enjoy the scenery and wait for the bff and my team to arrive.  I just so happen to be walking around and run smack dab into the bff. thheheheehehe  So we head to the start line.  I still never found my team 😦  Okay, so we’re about to start the race and we see all these ppl surrounding us doing their stretching and getting prepared to RUN.  Wait a minute……IM CERTAINLY NOT RUNNING!!! So we find our way to the sidelines to avoid getting trampled.  The bell rings and the runners take off.  Once they start we join in but as walkers.  Well at least I did.  The bff and cuzzin Sherrie decide they wanna jog.  I quit them!! Or should I say, they left me.  Either way, it quickly became Kish and her music on her phone.  SMH!! Oh yeah, I didnt mention that I had NO IDEA how long a 5k was and never looked at the route.  Oh boy was I in for a surprise when we got to the first incline.  *tears*  I was hot like fire.  Im not a walker, and certainly not an incline walker.  What have I gotten myself into????

Finally I get to the top of the hill. YAY!!! I can go home now.  lol  I was thinking that but I continued to trek on.  I see a 1 mile marker and the time read 22 minutes.  WHOOP WHOOP!!!! Im very satisfied w/ doing the 1 mile and really contemplating calling it quits.  But I continue to trek on……2 mile marker comes rather quickly and im really feeling good.  I can do this!!!! Apparently my mind and my legs were not on the same page.  As I trekked on, my legs got heavier and heavier.  But hell, im closer to the finish then the start so I really do have to go on.  *tears*  All I kept thinking was “how can I get back to the car”???  My only answer was to finish the course……

I never saw the 3 mile marker.  All I saw was the finish line.  Im proud to say that I finished the 5k which equals 3.1 miles w/out stopping and w/out giving up, not that I wasnt thinking of doing both on numerous occasions.  My sponsors would be proud 🙂

Now, nobody told me that I would experience this much pain.  My shins are aching, my hips hurt, and my body is just sore!! Im getting myself to the nearest line dance workout class as soon as I can lift my legs.  I have come to realize that I must put myself on a regimen and stick to it if I wanna be Jackie Joyner Kersey-ing around town at all the Walks and such.  Im determined!!! Now I just need to lock my mind into what I want to do and how I can be effective by Allah’s grace. 

Thanks for reading.  Smooches!!!


October 14, 2011

Checking In

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Hey Readers!!!!

Life has a funny way of happening.  I thought after Vegas and the bday I would be back on my natural hair/health/GOC grind.  Yeah, not so much.  lol  I can however say that I did attempt to do Insanity but those dang Heisman jumps tore a sisters ankle up.  I broke it some years back and im sure it didnt heal as it should have.  Anywho, Insanity is out, Hip Hop Abs is definitely OUT (too much sugar in ShaunT’s tank) and im grasping for straws.  I want to do something but IDK what, blame it on my Libra scales.  lol

Oh but I do have some hair news to share.  Not really surprising as this IS a hair blog. thehehehehe  So, I”ve been stalking all week and reading up on tips and the like.  I havent found a DC that I love so I’ve been flirting w/ the idea of mixing my own.  Yeah, Not gonna happen.  But what I did find out is that you can add honey and EVOO to your el cheapo condish and make it into a fab DC.  Went out and bought some Coconut Suave condish and will pick up some honey and EVOO today (those 2 are hot commodities in my home).  Ive decided to DC (deep condition) once a month, the last Sunday of the month.  See, I’m getting routine in some areas. lol  I’ll be sure to post how it turned out.  I was hella hesitant to put honey in my head, I dont even like to touch honey.  Too gooey.  But adding it to the condish, I think I can handle that, especially with mixing it w/ EVOO.

What else, oh yeah, I have some Miss Jessie’s products that I want to use but Im skurred.  Im one of those, if it works for me, why bother to change.  Or as my Bff calls me, a serial killer – I will buy 5 of the same shirts, just in different colors.  There’s nothing wrong with that….. *shrug*  Ok, back to Miss Jessie.  I have the Creme de la Curls which i probably will try.  Its a no lather shampoo.  May work really well on my dc days.  idk.  But on surfing the YT I really dont know if I wanna try the others.  I have something called sweetback something or another which is a dc, curly buttercreme and curly meringue.  How do you use them?? Im thinking like SMCES.  I just dont know.  I do know that had they not been a freebie from and I would not be tryng them at all.  They are expensive as a mugg!!!! Any1 have any suggestions on how to use them, lemme know.

Ok last thing.  I did a dry bantu knot-out on stretched out hair from some two-strand twists.  I used the sea kelp oil from SM and some cantu shea to set them.  Didnt use any water as I wanted them to dry overnight.  It came out cute.  Unfortunately I dont have any pics b/c its a rainy day and i had it pulled up into a pony and under my rain cap and when I took it down it wasnt the cutest.  Im okay with that though b/c at least I know I can do a dry knot-out.  I’ll be holding onto this for the w/e at least.  Im trying to moisturize my hair and let it breathe b4 I get this awesome twisted updo.  I will probably get it in a few weeks. 

Well, thats it.  Thanks for reading!! 🙂

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