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October 26, 2011


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This past Sunday I participated in the Susan Komen Race for the Cure which raises money for Breast Cancer.  It was a 5k and individuals had the choice to walk or run.  Which one do you think I chose??? lol 

I arrive at the main stage finally (had to park far away) and I was almost in tears.  To see all the people in their pink, both male and female was a lil overwhelming for me.  Im a softee!!! lol  I walk around to the different vendors, enjoy the scenery and wait for the bff and my team to arrive.  I just so happen to be walking around and run smack dab into the bff. thheheheehehe  So we head to the start line.  I still never found my team 😦  Okay, so we’re about to start the race and we see all these ppl surrounding us doing their stretching and getting prepared to RUN.  Wait a minute……IM CERTAINLY NOT RUNNING!!! So we find our way to the sidelines to avoid getting trampled.  The bell rings and the runners take off.  Once they start we join in but as walkers.  Well at least I did.  The bff and cuzzin Sherrie decide they wanna jog.  I quit them!! Or should I say, they left me.  Either way, it quickly became Kish and her music on her phone.  SMH!! Oh yeah, I didnt mention that I had NO IDEA how long a 5k was and never looked at the route.  Oh boy was I in for a surprise when we got to the first incline.  *tears*  I was hot like fire.  Im not a walker, and certainly not an incline walker.  What have I gotten myself into????

Finally I get to the top of the hill. YAY!!! I can go home now.  lol  I was thinking that but I continued to trek on.  I see a 1 mile marker and the time read 22 minutes.  WHOOP WHOOP!!!! Im very satisfied w/ doing the 1 mile and really contemplating calling it quits.  But I continue to trek on……2 mile marker comes rather quickly and im really feeling good.  I can do this!!!! Apparently my mind and my legs were not on the same page.  As I trekked on, my legs got heavier and heavier.  But hell, im closer to the finish then the start so I really do have to go on.  *tears*  All I kept thinking was “how can I get back to the car”???  My only answer was to finish the course……

I never saw the 3 mile marker.  All I saw was the finish line.  Im proud to say that I finished the 5k which equals 3.1 miles w/out stopping and w/out giving up, not that I wasnt thinking of doing both on numerous occasions.  My sponsors would be proud 🙂

Now, nobody told me that I would experience this much pain.  My shins are aching, my hips hurt, and my body is just sore!! Im getting myself to the nearest line dance workout class as soon as I can lift my legs.  I have come to realize that I must put myself on a regimen and stick to it if I wanna be Jackie Joyner Kersey-ing around town at all the Walks and such.  Im determined!!! Now I just need to lock my mind into what I want to do and how I can be effective by Allah’s grace. 

Thanks for reading.  Smooches!!!

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  1. I never thought in a million years you would have THIS much trepidation about walking? It is weird the challenges we face with literally 10’s of thousands of people around but it something that we have to face alone/internally! That day was beautiful and i hope to share plenty more where that came from! We have to be fit, we owe it to our fabulous selves, babies, and community! A lot of people depending on us, but mainly, we have to be here for ourselves! Love You Kish! And although i read this when you posted, it takes on a different meaning for me now.

    Comment by Reah Idris — January 24, 2012 @ 5:26 am | Reply

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