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April 9, 2012

31 Day Reset – Day 5

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Part 1: Am I Currently Living Out My Values?

Now that you’re clear on what you really care about, you want to compare your values to how you’re currently living your life. For each value that you identified in your “Reset 10″, rate yourself from 1-10 on how you feel you’re acting out that particular value in your life. Be honest with yourself – it’s the only way to be able to improve upon the life you’re living now to the life you want to be living in the future!

Connection to God 5
trust 10
family 7
economic security 5
public service 6
relationships 6
healthy living 6
love 7
growth 8
success 4
Part 2: What Do My Values Look Like in Action?

For each value that you identified in your “Reset 10,″ list out at least three actions that you currently take or that you should be taking in order to honor and fulfill that value in your life. What kinds of things would you be doing if you were living in full accordance with your values? What would it really look like for you to be able to rate yourself as a “10″ on how you live out all your values?

Connection to God- focus more on Him, practice what He teaches more, let Him take the lead and I follow.
trust – Let people give me a reason not to trust them, take people at face value, don’t look for the ‘lie”
family – spend more time, create traditions, do more social things together.
economic security – budget, save, spend when necessary, not desired. public service – take an interest in the community, reach out more to those in my immediate community, become active in community events. relationships – don’t get bored, let those I care about know it, build on the relationships already established. healthy living – set goals and stick to them, don’t re-invent the wheel, don’t beat myself up when I slip and fall.
love – starts w/ love of God, begin to love self, that will build love of others.
growth – always learn, always be willing to learn, recognize your growth even when others don’t.
success – cannot be measured by others, everyone’s take is different, continue to work hard to achieve it.


31 Day Reset – Day 4

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Today’s exercise will force you to address that disconnect by doing the first task in developing a personal mission statement over the next three days: identifying your values. What matters most to you in life? The answer to this question is called your values. Often we find that we’ve forgotten about that which we care about because we allowed ourselves to get stuck doing something else, on someone else’s agenda.

Estimated Time to Complete: 30-60 minutes

Take at least 15 minutes to jot down a free-for-all list of all the things that means a lot to you in your life, all the things you care about. Feel free to take more time if you need it.

Connection to God, Achievement, Money, economic security, children, love, community, friendships, religion, public service, healthy living, wisdom, integrity, truth, privacy, success, growth, honesty, family, knowledge, learning, trust, relationships

Your Reset 10

Once you identify all of your values – all the things you care about, choose your “Reset 10″ – a list of your TOP 10 values from your list. They don’t have to be in any particular order, though you may certainly rank them if you’d like.

Connection to God, trust, family, economic security, public service, relationships, healthy living, love, growth, success.

April 6, 2012

31 Day Reset – Day 3

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Step 1:

Write yourself an inspiring letter about how your life will be improved in the next 30 days. Use the outline below for your letter (or the worksheet in the Reset Workbook) or just freestyle your own!

Dear future Lakisha,

Congrats on all the progress you’ve made so far! Now you have even more to be grateful for. You’ve learned so much about yourself, good and bad. You’ve also learned how to enhance the not so good things to benefit the good. You have taken a deep look into the areas of Lifestyle, Work, Education, Finances, Health, Family, and Relationships. You’ve learned your strengths, your weaknesses and you have taken the initiative to make your quality of life better.

Your life is so much better now and it’s all because of your hard work.  Keep it up!


31 Day Reset – Day 2

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To complete this exercise, you will take an honest assessment of seven specific areas of your life:

Lifestyle: Like: I’m alive. I have a place to live. I don’t have to worry about if/when he rent is gonna be paid. My leisure time rocks!!! I participate in activities that make me happy. Dislike: I feel stagnated b/c what was temporary seems to have become permanent. I want more space. I would like to entertain friends/family but I have no place to do it. Sometimes I can become overwhelmed w/ leisurely activities. I want to do everything. Lol

Work: Like: I’m a business owner!!! I love the freedom of being a ‘statey’. The fact that I have a job and can provide for my fam. I love what I do (serve the community). Location isn’t too bad. Easy commute. Coworkers are easy to get along with. Health benefits. Dislike: I should have gotten all my ducks in a row before starting a business (website, etc). Would much rather be at MSDE where we belong. It would help if we were given the support of the higher ups to complete tasks effectively. I wish there was more we could provide as far as service is concerned. I don’t like that this engine is quite political and decisions are based on that and not what’s best for the whole.

Education: Like: I’m comfortable w/ where I am educationally. I’m always willing and open to learning. I like the concept of being a ‘student’. Dislike: I wouldn’t mind taking some certification classes but I don’t seem to have the time.

Finances: Like: I’m not completely broke. Lol. I know how to make a dollar out of 15 cents. Dislike: My budgeting looks good, on paper, but my execution is off. Rainy-day fund is sparse. I don’t like living from paycheck to paycheck.

Health: Like: physical health of self and family is ok. No one is suffering from any diseases or ailments. I’m working on myself to become more healthy spiritually and emotionally. Dislike: Physical health could be better. Commitment to my weight loss is like a yo-yo. Eating habits could be greatly improved.

Family: Like: I love my family. Even though we bump heads from time to time, I’m thankful for them all. Its an honor to watch my boys grow into men. Dislike: We are such private people that we only interact w/ immediate family. I don’t know many of my extended family members and neither do my children. I honestly wouldn’t know them if they walked past me in the street.

Relationships: Like: My FRIENDS are my family!!!! I’m selective, protective and devoted to my relationships. There are only a few I call true friends and they all bring something out of me necessary for my growth and development. Dislike: I don’t nurture ALL my relationships equally. I can be quite neglectful from time to time (not intentionally).

April 5, 2012

31 DAY RESET – Day 1

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I’ve done this before. But like everything else in my life, I got bored and didn’t complete. Sad sad sad!!! Anyway, its another month, I’m still here so I have another chance to try again. God is a merciful God!!!

Assignment: Choose your reset notebook. Choose personal mantra. Choose a theme song.

My notebook is a small, red, hardback journal I received from my Supervisor a few years back for Administrative Professional’s Day. I used it w/ the first challenge but they are still tons of pages left. Its cute and I can carry it in my purse so I can catch up on assignments throughout the day.

My mantra: Do You, Be You, Love You. I heard this mantra back in 2010 at a conference where Ms Dee Marshall was the keynote and I swear it has stuck with me since then. It has different meanings at different times. The one thing it does is keep my eyes on the prize, ME!!

My theme song: If you know me, you know it has to be a Jill Scott song. Lol. My theme song for this span of my life is Do You Remember. I often reminisce about how things were back then. Not for regretful purposes, but if you don’t appreciate where you came from then you can’t appreciate where you’re going.

I’m excited about where I’m going, especially looking at where I came from. Growth is awesome and I look forward to growing a little every day.

April 4, 2012


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So, I’m back at it again. Trying to become a better blogger by at least keeping my blog active. With that being said, it is my goal to post throughout this 31dayreset that I’m doing with @happyblackwoman. I hope you have enjoyed thus far and continue to hang in there w/ ur girlie!! 🙂

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