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April 5, 2012

31 DAY RESET – Day 1

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I’ve done this before. But like everything else in my life, I got bored and didn’t complete. Sad sad sad!!! Anyway, its another month, I’m still here so I have another chance to try again. God is a merciful God!!!

Assignment: Choose your reset notebook. Choose personal mantra. Choose a theme song.

My notebook is a small, red, hardback journal I received from my Supervisor a few years back for Administrative Professional’s Day. I used it w/ the first challenge but they are still tons of pages left. Its cute and I can carry it in my purse so I can catch up on assignments throughout the day.

My mantra: Do You, Be You, Love You. I heard this mantra back in 2010 at a conference where Ms Dee Marshall was the keynote and I swear it has stuck with me since then. It has different meanings at different times. The one thing it does is keep my eyes on the prize, ME!!

My theme song: If you know me, you know it has to be a Jill Scott song. Lol. My theme song for this span of my life is Do You Remember. I often reminisce about how things were back then. Not for regretful purposes, but if you don’t appreciate where you came from then you can’t appreciate where you’re going.

I’m excited about where I’m going, especially looking at where I came from. Growth is awesome and I look forward to growing a little every day.

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