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April 9, 2012

31 Day Reset – Day 5

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Part 1: Am I Currently Living Out My Values?

Now that you’re clear on what you really care about, you want to compare your values to how you’re currently living your life. For each value that you identified in your “Reset 10″, rate yourself from 1-10 on how you feel you’re acting out that particular value in your life. Be honest with yourself – it’s the only way to be able to improve upon the life you’re living now to the life you want to be living in the future!

Connection to God 5
trust 10
family 7
economic security 5
public service 6
relationships 6
healthy living 6
love 7
growth 8
success 4
Part 2: What Do My Values Look Like in Action?

For each value that you identified in your “Reset 10,″ list out at least three actions that you currently take or that you should be taking in order to honor and fulfill that value in your life. What kinds of things would you be doing if you were living in full accordance with your values? What would it really look like for you to be able to rate yourself as a “10″ on how you live out all your values?

Connection to God- focus more on Him, practice what He teaches more, let Him take the lead and I follow.
trust – Let people give me a reason not to trust them, take people at face value, don’t look for the ‘lie”
family – spend more time, create traditions, do more social things together.
economic security – budget, save, spend when necessary, not desired. public service – take an interest in the community, reach out more to those in my immediate community, become active in community events. relationships – don’t get bored, let those I care about know it, build on the relationships already established. healthy living – set goals and stick to them, don’t re-invent the wheel, don’t beat myself up when I slip and fall.
love – starts w/ love of God, begin to love self, that will build love of others.
growth – always learn, always be willing to learn, recognize your growth even when others don’t.
success – cannot be measured by others, everyone’s take is different, continue to work hard to achieve it.

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