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May 25, 2012

My first product review!!

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This post is dedicated to a review of a hair product:

Taybutta’s All Natural Hair Butter – Original Citrus w/ Almond Oil.

Ingredients: lanolin, shea butter, jojoba oil, essential oils, fragrance oils.

I detangled my hair using water and Curly Meringue by Ms Jessie’s. Next I applied a small amount of Taybutta to my sectioned hair and generously rubbed it in and then twisted it. I immediately noticed a natural shine on my twists but they didn’t feel heavy and they still had springback.

I wish I could tell you how it smells but I’m under the weather and can’t smell anything.

The next morning my hair was still wet so I had to pin my twists up for work. I was however, able to smell again and I swear this stuff smells fab!!! And it still has a natural sheen.

I give Taybutta two thumbs up!!!!

FMI or to purchase visit www


May 16, 2012


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*repost from March 14, 2010*

A letter to my son

March 14, 1992 I woke up needing to make a bm (or so I thought) but was unsuccessful. Mind u I was due to deliver a baby on March 15th. So I woke my mother telling her I had to use the bathroom but nothing would happen. She said “take a shower and get dressed”. I was in labor. Scared as all get out, I showered and b/c im nosey as hell i took a mirror and looked at myself. Well I thought I could see the babies head, LOL It was my water bag I later learned. So we call the midwife and they saidl just time the contractions but they didnt think anything was gonna happen any time soon b/c when they saw me the day before I showed no signs of labor. Needless to say those bastards were terribly wrong!!! GOD had his own plans that they knew nothing about. I can remenber spending the day eating, vomiting and running around the dining room table. Contractions are a son of a ______!

Well finally at 2am we head to the hospital. Yeah that means I was in labor the entire day!!!! When we get to the hospital they check me and tell my mother that the baby is breach and they are gonna have to turn him around. HUH??? U mean put ur hands in there and do what?? In the meantime I was being prepped and then the doctor had to break the water bag so they could get to work. In the little bit of prepping time my baby had turned around and nestled himself in the canal and was ready to make his debut. Was GOD present or what??? Oh yeah, did I mention I was 15 YEARS OLD!!! Talk abt scared!!!

Ok, so at 3:55 am I delivered a healthy 7 lb 12 oz baby boy that was just as nosey as his momma. He came out looking around and sucking his hands. All I could say was “HI” and goodnight I went. lol

On the eve of that baby boy’s 18th birth anniversary I just wanted to share my story and let him know that he came thru adversity and there is no task that he cannot accomplish with GOD’s permission!!! Stay strong and steadfast son, the world is urs…if u want it. May you be blessed and receive the favor of Allah (GOD) always!! I LOVE U QUANNIE!!!!!!

In “like” w/ Kish

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This was a note I wrote on FB June 15, 2011

*repost from someone’s status*

God’s love teaches you to love yourself so that you can truly love others. If you don’t love yourself, there’s no way you will be able to love anyone else. For those that may be deceiving themselves, allow me to set the record straight. No one will EVER be able to fill the void that the lack of self love creates. …Love from within is the foundation on which any relationship is built on. To build a relationship with no foundation of self love is like building a skyscraper in the sand. But, how does one truly learn to love one’s self? God shows us unconditional love every second of the day, beginning with allowing us to awaken each day. We sin every day and yet He continues to bless us with the things we need. If you’re anything like me, you’re far from worthy and yet I look around and see His many blessings. That’s Agape, unconditional love. When we allow God’s love to fill us, it fills a void and gives a feeling unlike any other and it’s that joy and happiness that we should be bringing to others, but we must allow, accept, and embrace it within ourselves first. Today, I strive to love myself so I can love others. 

Ok, so my big brother posted this on his page today and it was like a frigging lightbulb went off in my head. Most times we seek and search for some outside force to give us what we rightly deserve (love, comfort, peace of mind) but never require those things of ourselves. Example: How can I expect my husband to maintain me as we are taught he is required to do when im not maintaining myself?? And by maintaining I dont mean keep a roof over my head and keep my hair and nails done. I mean truly cultivate the GOD w/in me and help bring it out so that I can be a benefit to self, family and community. The dis-ease of self-hatred is so deep that is it actually now the norm. The main ones of us that preach “I love me some me” truly dont b/c if we did we would do better. I know for myself I always say I love myself, (probably a little too much) but in really thinking about it, I love my potential. I love what I want to become, not who and what I am currently. Im comfortable with who and where I am but love, cant say that I honestly love myself. Not the way GOD loves me. So my challenge to myself is to learn how to love me so that it is displayed in not only my words but deeds and actions. Love is a verb, you know…. Signed, lovin my way thru the process….

This is as true on May 15, 2012 as it was June 2011….

May 14, 2012

The Realest Ish I Ever Wrote (The Finale’)

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(Thanks to everyone that has read my words thus far and will continue to read them or perhaps write your own story.)

I’ve discovered or should I say I’ve acknowledged what my problem is……

I’m afraid of success. I know it sounds crazy but its REAL!!!! Not the achievement part of success but the having to maintain part of it.

Let’s see if I can explain…..

If you fix a cake and its good, people are gonna expect that all your cakes be just as good, if not better. You can never present a cake where the icing came off a little bit or isn’t as moist as the previous cake. You are always expected to make a banging cake. Get it??? Good.

Now, I’ve always been more than willing to do all I could to assist others in their road to success. Its in my genes. I’m a people pleaser. And I’m ok with that. Not complaining. But what I’m saying is, when you have to be your ‘star player’ whether you have a support team or not, its scary. Its totally up to you if you’re successful. You don’t work, you don’t get the reward.

Some time late last year I began consistently going to my friends line dance class. Yes I line dance. I love it!!!! Anyway, in going to the studio I discovered they offered other dance classes that doubled as fitness/workout classes. I’m in. Funny thing is, I would leave dance class and go to Hibachi Grill or ColdStone or Ihop or where ever food was sold. Hustling backwards!!!!!

At some point I made up in my mind that fat is wack (rip nippy) and that its time to make a valiant effort to be the healthy woman that God desires me to be. I can’t be a witness to His greatness and love of me if I remain fat and lazy!!!

My current meal plan: mon-fri I subscribe to a 1350 calorie diet. I eat a boiled egg, toast and coffee in the am. A frozen lean cuisine or a salad for lunch and rarely do I eat dinner. If I do, its a salad or a veggie sub from subway. All I drink is H20!!! On the weekends I eat whatever I want which usually isn’t too off the wall b/c I don’t want to sabotage my week of good eating.

My current exercise routine: I walk the lake 1 time mon-fri and twice on the weekends. I line dance on mon, latin fitness tue, creative cardio wed, zumba thur. Fri, sat and sun I only walk the lake.

Everyday is a struggle but I have those in my corner rooting for me and encouraging me. I’m thankful to God for instilling in me what is necessary to pull on to want to be a better me.

I don’t have a goal weight. I’ll know where I feel comfortable once I get there.

Thank you for sharing my journey. XOXO to you all!!!

The Realest Ish I Ever Wrote (Part 3)

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There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING ok with a woman 5’6 weighing 315 pounds!!!!!!

But like I said in the previous post, it hadn’t even registered. I honestly don’t know when it hit me. I do know I carried that 315 for some years!!! And I have the pics to prove it. I guess somewhere around 2006 I decided I’m gonna try a different approach. So I ate salads w/ grilled chicken or fish monday-friday and on the weekends I would eat whatever. It worked for as long as I worked it. Dropped about 50 pounds. Not great, but progress. That probably lasted 3 months and then life decided to give me a drop kick!!! So back to the cakes, pies, donuts, chips, candy bars, greasy foods I went. They understood my pain. They made me feel better. Hell, they were the most consistent thing I had, or so I thought. Never once thru this roller coaster did I call on God. Not once!! It was stupid of me to ask God to help me lose weight. He has far greater issues than that is what I would think.

After I sulked, cried, gorged, cried some more, ate, etc I had an epiphany. It was time to make that love I claim I had for myself a reality. It took about 3 more years to get to the point where I was ready to change my life.

My bff, who is one of my biggest fans as I am hers had this crazy idea that we should do Insanity. My 280 something pound, asthmatic, sedentary self was gonna do Insanity. Yeah, ok. LOL. I laugh at the thought.

Well she rounded up the troops (about 12 in all) and we were gonna do it!!! Nothing like a strong support system. Did the fit test, almost died. But hell, if we are gonna work together I think we can do it. Well, after the first week, it was only like 5 of us left. Apparently, they weren’t ready. Lol. Well, I made it to day 45 before giving up the ghost. I just stopped; got bored, gave up. I didn’t see the results but others did and I could tell that I was gaining strength. And I had lost some too. That still wasn’t enough to keep me going.

What in the hell is wrong with me??? Obviously I don’t wanna be this way but why is it so hard for me to keep going????

Stay tuned for the finale’………

May 13, 2012

Happy 2nd Sunday of May!!!!

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I would like to offer a challenge: in addition to the day society has set aside for you to honor your mother and those mothers near and dear to you, choose a random day every week/month/year to wish love, blessings and honor to those loved ones.

I’m sure my mom would appreciate it if on, say June 5th I treat her to dinner, just because. Step outside the box people, be different!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!! (Smile)

May 12, 2012

The Realest Ish I Ever Wrote (Part 2)

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So yeah, a 276 pound 15 year old is not cute. Especially one with a baby.

I think its safe to insert depression/self hate/insecurity/etc here.

I’ve learned in recent months that I’m a mood eater. I eat when I’m sick and I eat when I’m feeling down. Food is my comforter when it really should be God. The more you know…..

So, I was DOWN, lower than low back then. The most comforting thing to me was Murry’s pizzas and shoestring french fries. They became my best friend. We hug out everyday. Nothing could separate us. Friends til the end!!! Ok ok, you get it. Lol

Now, I never knew that I was obese or that being fat was a bad thing. I mean I knew I was fat, but it was ok. My son loved me, mama never complained about having to buy bigger clothes and I kept a boo. This is when I adopted the ‘take me as I am b/c I’m still hot stuff’ mentality.

From 15 to 21 I guess I maintained that 276. I wore a size 24 so I guess I weighed the same. I couldn’t tell you though b/c I never weighed myself. My weight no longer mattered to me. I was living the life – and was damned good at it too.

Let’s move on…….

Sometime after the birth of my youngest son (1999) that ugly thing called depression came back. And came back with a vengeance. I can remember going for a physical and the nurse telling me I weighed 315 pounds. And my response was Oh. Ok. *blank stare* I had become dumb to the numbers. I simply didn’t care. I was happily married, had two beautiful boys and I was still alive. That’s enough, right????


Stay tuned……..

May 10, 2012

The Realest Ish I Ever Wrote (Part 1)

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Let me start off by saying, this is a very emotional topic for me and I never thought I would ever be strong enough to face my fears head-on to overcome them.

So, here goes…..

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fat, chubby, chunky, a big gurl, etc. You get it. Well, we tend to adapt to our surroundings whether we like them or not. So, for the past 22 years I’ve been struggling with my weight. Its probably longer than that but my oldest memory is at age 14. And I’ll tell you why a little later.

Now if you know me, you know I love me some me!!!!! Or at least that is what I would have you believe…. I sell it well; cute face, fabulous hair, awesome personality, all around haute stuff – What’s not to love??? I’ll sum it up in one word- FAT!!!! I don’t care how many times us fatties tell ourselves that we are happy with our condition, that is bullsh!t!!!! (Excuse my language) We accept it, and if we are strong or hella persuasive we make those around us accept it too.

I can honestly say, May 9, 2012, that I am not happy with the condition of my body or the health problems that being obese has produced.

Now, let me give you my history…..

Like I said before, at age 14 is when it all began. I remember this age because this is when I became pregnant with my oldest boy. I was 175 when I found out I was pregnant. Now, I was a pretty active girl around this time so 175 wasn’t really too bad, unless you’re 14 years old. Yeah…. Ouch!

Well, after I delivered my boy I tipped scale at a whopping 276. Geezus is right!!!!!! I was 15 years old mind you.
And so it begins……my love/HATE relationship with my waistline……….

More to come. Stay tuned.

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