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May 10, 2012

The Realest Ish I Ever Wrote (Part 1)

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Let me start off by saying, this is a very emotional topic for me and I never thought I would ever be strong enough to face my fears head-on to overcome them.

So, here goes…..

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fat, chubby, chunky, a big gurl, etc. You get it. Well, we tend to adapt to our surroundings whether we like them or not. So, for the past 22 years I’ve been struggling with my weight. Its probably longer than that but my oldest memory is at age 14. And I’ll tell you why a little later.

Now if you know me, you know I love me some me!!!!! Or at least that is what I would have you believe…. I sell it well; cute face, fabulous hair, awesome personality, all around haute stuff – What’s not to love??? I’ll sum it up in one word- FAT!!!! I don’t care how many times us fatties tell ourselves that we are happy with our condition, that is bullsh!t!!!! (Excuse my language) We accept it, and if we are strong or hella persuasive we make those around us accept it too.

I can honestly say, May 9, 2012, that I am not happy with the condition of my body or the health problems that being obese has produced.

Now, let me give you my history…..

Like I said before, at age 14 is when it all began. I remember this age because this is when I became pregnant with my oldest boy. I was 175 when I found out I was pregnant. Now, I was a pretty active girl around this time so 175 wasn’t really too bad, unless you’re 14 years old. Yeah…. Ouch!

Well, after I delivered my boy I tipped scale at a whopping 276. Geezus is right!!!!!! I was 15 years old mind you.
And so it begins……my love/HATE relationship with my waistline……….

More to come. Stay tuned.

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