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May 14, 2012

The Realest Ish I Ever Wrote (Part 3)

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There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING ok with a woman 5’6 weighing 315 pounds!!!!!!

But like I said in the previous post, it hadn’t even registered. I honestly don’t know when it hit me. I do know I carried that 315 for some years!!! And I have the pics to prove it. I guess somewhere around 2006 I decided I’m gonna try a different approach. So I ate salads w/ grilled chicken or fish monday-friday and on the weekends I would eat whatever. It worked for as long as I worked it. Dropped about 50 pounds. Not great, but progress. That probably lasted 3 months and then life decided to give me a drop kick!!! So back to the cakes, pies, donuts, chips, candy bars, greasy foods I went. They understood my pain. They made me feel better. Hell, they were the most consistent thing I had, or so I thought. Never once thru this roller coaster did I call on God. Not once!! It was stupid of me to ask God to help me lose weight. He has far greater issues than that is what I would think.

After I sulked, cried, gorged, cried some more, ate, etc I had an epiphany. It was time to make that love I claim I had for myself a reality. It took about 3 more years to get to the point where I was ready to change my life.

My bff, who is one of my biggest fans as I am hers had this crazy idea that we should do Insanity. My 280 something pound, asthmatic, sedentary self was gonna do Insanity. Yeah, ok. LOL. I laugh at the thought.

Well she rounded up the troops (about 12 in all) and we were gonna do it!!! Nothing like a strong support system. Did the fit test, almost died. But hell, if we are gonna work together I think we can do it. Well, after the first week, it was only like 5 of us left. Apparently, they weren’t ready. Lol. Well, I made it to day 45 before giving up the ghost. I just stopped; got bored, gave up. I didn’t see the results but others did and I could tell that I was gaining strength. And I had lost some too. That still wasn’t enough to keep me going.

What in the hell is wrong with me??? Obviously I don’t wanna be this way but why is it so hard for me to keep going????

Stay tuned for the finale’………

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