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May 16, 2012

In “like” w/ Kish

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This was a note I wrote on FB June 15, 2011

*repost from someone’s status*

God’s love teaches you to love yourself so that you can truly love others. If you don’t love yourself, there’s no way you will be able to love anyone else. For those that may be deceiving themselves, allow me to set the record straight. No one will EVER be able to fill the void that the lack of self love creates. …Love from within is the foundation on which any relationship is built on. To build a relationship with no foundation of self love is like building a skyscraper in the sand. But, how does one truly learn to love one’s self? God shows us unconditional love every second of the day, beginning with allowing us to awaken each day. We sin every day and yet He continues to bless us with the things we need. If you’re anything like me, you’re far from worthy and yet I look around and see His many blessings. That’s Agape, unconditional love. When we allow God’s love to fill us, it fills a void and gives a feeling unlike any other and it’s that joy and happiness that we should be bringing to others, but we must allow, accept, and embrace it within ourselves first. Today, I strive to love myself so I can love others. 

Ok, so my big brother posted this on his page today and it was like a frigging lightbulb went off in my head. Most times we seek and search for some outside force to give us what we rightly deserve (love, comfort, peace of mind) but never require those things of ourselves. Example: How can I expect my husband to maintain me as we are taught he is required to do when im not maintaining myself?? And by maintaining I dont mean keep a roof over my head and keep my hair and nails done. I mean truly cultivate the GOD w/in me and help bring it out so that I can be a benefit to self, family and community. The dis-ease of self-hatred is so deep that is it actually now the norm. The main ones of us that preach “I love me some me” truly dont b/c if we did we would do better. I know for myself I always say I love myself, (probably a little too much) but in really thinking about it, I love my potential. I love what I want to become, not who and what I am currently. Im comfortable with who and where I am but love, cant say that I honestly love myself. Not the way GOD loves me. So my challenge to myself is to learn how to love me so that it is displayed in not only my words but deeds and actions. Love is a verb, you know…. Signed, lovin my way thru the process….

This is as true on May 15, 2012 as it was June 2011….

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