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September 30, 2012

Fell off is an understatement

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So, when we last talked (lol, I am too funny) idk what we talked about. I can’t remember. Its been THAT long. 

Let’s play catch up……..

I think the last blog post was some time in August near the end of Ramadan. Let me start from there.

So I was supposed to be going to two a day workouts. HA. THATS FUNNY!!!! I did it for 2 days and then my bed won the battle.  I love it too much to leave it so early knowing I won’t see it again til late in the evening. 

Well when I stopped the two a days I pretty much stopped exercising completely. With the exception of my Body Jam and Zumba classes. No treadmill. No ab work. No weight training. No nuffin!

OK, I did pick up something, food! That pattern that is oh too familiar…since im not exercising I may as well eat.  The self sabotaging trend has reared it’s ugly head.

And then the birthday comes. If you know me then you know all bets are off during national holiday time. I go hard in the paint. So of course I haven’t been to my classes cause ‘im taking this week off’ WTH!!!! Please tell me how that makes any ounce of sense…..

Told yawl, my self worth can turn on and off like a switch. At least I  know this and can work to correct it.

So here we are 2day, feeling fat, looking fatter, sick and filled with regret. The amount of garbage I’ve consumed in this past week is just embarrassing. I dont regret celebrating me, because im awesome. I just wish I had made better choices.

I keep asking myself, wth happened? No answers. Im not having a pity party. Im confident that i will get back on track. I will not give up. I can’t. GOD didn’t make me that way. 

I’ll talk to you later lovies! Thanks for reading!!!

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