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January 17, 2013

A Mother Should NEVER Have to Bury Her Babies

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Time and time again because of the utter disregard for life, parents are burying their babies. 
There was a time when the young actually were allowed to live life without some asshole deciding to play God and take life.  Those days are way behind us and the
time we live in now, our babies are being murdered WHOLESALE!!

This subject hits so close to home that its sickening. I mean literally makes me ill.  On Friday, January 11, 2013 a young brother, my 21 year old nephew, Delroy Davis lost his life in these Baltimore streets.  He was seconds from his home and someone decided it was OK to kill him.  This young man wasn’t a street thug, a gang banger, a hell raiser, or a trouble maker.  He was a hard working guy coming home from work.

This shyt has to end!!!!! So many of our babies are perishing to senseless violence. THEY ARE OUR BABIES!!!!!  THEY ARE OUR RESPONSIBILITY!!!!! WE MUST PROTECT THEM!!!!! 

As my family and I prepare to return this young body to the ground I implore us all to do our part in saving a life.  Become a mentor, reach out to those lost family members and offer them an encouraging word, smile at someone instead of cussing them out, and most importantly Pray to God asking for an answer and then work feverishly to make a change.

There is a lesson in this for us because nothing happens without the permission of God.  That doesn’t mean it hurts any less…… Give your loved ones flowers while they are still here to smell them.  I love you all.

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