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March 15, 2013

*repost from March 14, 2010*

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***Tomorrow he’ll be 21 YEARS OLD, by Allah’s  (God’s) grace.  It took me a while to realize that his journey thru this thing we call life is just that, his journey.  It is my prayer, as it has always been that he makes decisions that are wise and beneficial to his existence. ***

A letter to my son.

March 14, 1992 I woke up needing to make a bm (or so I thought) but was unsuccessful. Mind u I was due to deliver a baby on March 15th. So I woke my mother telling her I had to use the bathroom but nothing would happen. She said “take a shower and get dressed”. I was in labor. Scared as all get out, I showered and b/c im nosey as hell i took a mirror and looked at myself. Well I thought I could see the babies head, LOL It was my water bag I later learned. So we call the midwife and they said just time the contractions but they didnt think anything was gonna happen any time soon b/c when they saw me the day before I showed no signs of labor. Needless to say those bastards were terribly wrong!!! GOD had his own plans that they knew nothing about. I can remenber spending the day eating, vomiting and running around the dining room table. Contractions are a son of a ______!

Well finally at 2am we head to the hospital. Yeah that means I was in labor the entire day!!!! When we get to the hospital they check me and tell my mother that the baby is breach and they are gonna have to turn him around. HUH??? U mean put ur hands in there and do what?? In the meantime I was being prepped and then the doctor had to break the water bag so they could get to work. In the little bit of prepping time my baby had turned around and nestled himself in the canal and was ready to make his debut. Was GOD present or what??? Oh yeah, did I mention I was 15 YEARS OLD!!! Talk abt scared!!!

Ok, so at 3:55 am I delivered a healthy 7 lb 12 oz baby boy that was just as nosey as his momma. He came out looking around and sucking his hands. All I could say was “HI” and goodnight I went. lol

On the eve of that baby boy’s 18th birth anniversary I just wanted to share my story and let him know that he came thru adversity and there is no task that he cannot accomplish with GOD’s permission!!! Stay strong and steadfast son, the world is urs…if u want it. May you be blessed and receive the favor of Allah (GOD) always!! I LOVE U QUANNIE!!!!!!

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