Naturally Kish

Who am I??

What’s to say??? Let’s see….I’m Kish Kish.  I’m a funny, almost always happy, sarcastic, indecisive lover of life.  I decided to blog (again) because I have soooo much to say. lol.  I suffer from self-diagnosed a.d.d.  Im always all over the place but usually ends up right where I started.  I have this love affair with Jill Scott that is borderline stalkerish. Her spirit moves me, her music speaks to me and it doesn’t hurt that she is a lil spicy thang, just like me.  lol

My natural hair journey–I guess you can say im newly natural even though I’ve been natural since 2002.  I received my last relaxer in May 2002 and after that relaxer I decided that it would be my last.  I didn’t plan or decide to “live as a natural” as far as doing a bc, focusing on transitioning, etc.  I just knew that my hair was not benefitting from the “creamy crack”.  I wore my hair in twists in the summer and pressed out in the winter from 2002 til summer 2007.  It was then that I felt I needed to be free, and therefore let the mane free.  It was mostly symbolic b/c all I did was take off the rubber band, comb my dry hair everyday and throw on a bandana or headband.  No conditioning, no dc, no hot oil treatments, no nothing. I know, shame on me…It wasnt until June 2011 that I really began to appreciate all that I could do with my natural hair and decided to embrace what GOD has given me.  I then began my addiction to youtube!!! I would spend HOURS watching videos on how to and why to do and the like. 

And that brings me to this blog…I really wanted an outlet to voice my experiences both good and bad.  I didn’t want to bombard my fb page with “all things natural” hence the birth of NATURALLYKISH.  Just as an aside, this blog is not going to just be about natural hair but about KishKish, my likes, my life, my world (and what a complex world it is).  Hold on to her hats as its gonna be a bumpy ride. 

Thanks in advance for following and ENJOY!!! Smooches 🙂


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  1. Hey Kish,

    I feel your spirit already and I am loving it. I look forward to riding with you on this journey of hair growth and weight loss.

    Take care,


    Comment by Love Thy Hair — August 2, 2011 @ 5:00 pm | Reply

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